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CSIR-NIIST ties up with Sreedhareeyam to develop scientifically validated Ayurvedic products

CSIR-NIIST ties up with Sreedhareeyam to develop scientifically validated Ayurvedic products
Anish June 12, 2023
Ahead of its foundation day fete on Thursday, CSIR’s National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (NIIST) has signed an agreement with Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedics and eye care hospital Koothattukulam for modernization of its Ayurvedic drug manufacturing facility to develop new products for health care application. Currently the company is running a specialized Ayurvedic Eye Hospital and Research Centre as well as a production facility and this collaboration with CSIR NIIST is intended to assure quality and authenticity for the existing products as well as for diversification into the functional foods and neutraceuticals. After inking the agreement on last Friday, CSIR-NIIST director Dr. A Ajayaghosh told TOI that he had commended the efforts of the company to make use of modern technology to develop new scientifically validated products ensuring quality. Sreedhareeyam managing director Hari N Namboothiri who signed the agreement on behalf of the company expressed that the collaboration with the national institute will be a boon to the Ayurvedic industry. “In offering traditional ophthalmic solutions for eye care, we have the modern diagnostic tools and facilities to document the results of ayurvedic treatment. Now, this will be a step ahead to upgrade its Ayurvedic health care product manufacturing facility through modern scientific collaborative research,” Hari Namboodiri said. CSIR-NIIST senior scientist M Sreekumar told TOI that use of modern scientifically technology in the preparation of traditional ayurvedic medicines can help in improving its efficacy, product quality and shelf life. In about six months, the ayurvedic products and equipment will be shortlisted and updated accordingly, he said. For instance, from an ingredient pepper, its extracts are taken for preparing Ayurvedic medicines by grinding it for 90 days to make fine granules. Once the particle size is ascertained, with modern scientific tools grinding can be completed in 10 days and the fibrous waste generated contains active ingredients which can be used for developing food products. Thus it can help reduce the cost, improve efficacy and check wastage, he said.