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Diagnostic Technology


Diagnostic Technology

Diagnostic Practices at Sreedhareeyam 

By combining traditional Ayurvedic principles with modern pathology and optometry techniques, Sreedhareeyam ensures a holistic approach to eye care, emphasizing early detection and personalized treatment strategies for the benefit of patients' vision and overall health. The technology is used effectively to validate the physician's findings, and also to assess the progression of treatments at various stages.


Optometry Laboratory

The hospital's dedication to utilizing modern diagnostic technology alongside traditional Ayurvedic principles has allowed it to deliver exceptional care to patients seeking a holistic approach to healing. Sreedhareeyam houses a state-of-the-art optometry Laboratory equipped with advanced diagnostic instruments like optical coherence tomography, B-scan, visual field analyzer, and fundus photography equipment to complement the physicians' initial diagnosis.

Clinical Laboratory

Staffed by skilled pathologists and technicians, the clinical laboratory is dedicated to providing accurate and timely results for patients. It offers comprehensive blood investigations to assess the overall health of patients, recognizing that ocular health is often linked to systemic conditions.

Laboratory Equipments

Non Mydratic Fundus Camera

It uses light waves to reveal the many layers that make up the back of your eyes aiding in accurate progression of diseases.

Sonomed B Scan Model Master Vu with software

commonly used to provide a cross-sectional image of the internal structures of the eye

Auto Refractometer

Auto refractometer gives the leverage of power variation in the refracting apparatus

Slit Lamps Model Supreme and Excel types

This permits three-dimensional visualization and measurement of the fine anatomy of the adnexa and anterior segment  of the eye

Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope

permits binocular vision with depth perception (stereoscopic vision). It has a wider field of view than direct ophthalmoscope

Auto Perimeter

The automated perimetry test uses a computer program to test an individual's visual field

Other Equipments

Medonic Hematology Analyze
Eugin 4000 Biochemistry Analyze
Lens meter
Non-contact Tonometer
Kerato meter
Fundus Camera